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Aquarium is one of the best hobby of the modern times one can have a variety of beautiful fishes of different fishes of different colors and shapes according to one's choice and need. Among the aquatic animals, fishes are considered as the most beautiful and hence aquarium are kept in house, offices, restaurants and hospitals for decoration.

Nothing can be more relaxing than to sit in front of an Aquarium and watch the antics of fish. It can be one of the most soothing experiences after a busy day at work. it can break the monotamy of the mundane and make your worries disappear. it can subtly revive you to face another new day. Keeping pets is widely accepted to reduce stress levels and stimulate a feelin of general well-being. And fish as pets are the least demanding of them all .

Medical Prationers claim that by spending few minutes daily watching an aquarium calms one's mind thus helping to reduce stress.

The History of fish Keeping dates back to antiquity, the earliest known aquarists were te sumarians of Mesopotamia, who kept fishes in artificial ponds atleast 4500 years ago. The ancient Romans, who kept fish for food and entertainment, were the first known marine aquarists, they constructed ponds that were supplied with fresh seawater from the ocean.

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